Weekend Coverage

Televisit Instructions for weekend medical coverage

A televisit is a 2-way audio/video connection between you and your doctor using either a camera on your computer or your cell phone (sorry, older "flip" phones won't work for this).

Televisits are billed to you or your insurance in the same manner as a standard office visit, and the same co-pays and deductibles will apply.

For weekend coverage, we recommend Doxy.Me. This is easy to use, works on all devices (Apple and Android smartphones, as well as any laptop computer), and is made for medical use (i.e. HIPAA privacy compliant):

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please check all 5 boxes for a successful televisit!

Hardware:☐ A smartphone, laptop, or computer
☐ Built-in or connected webcam
Operating system:☐ Windows 10 or the latest MacOS (i.e. most modern computers)
Browser:Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari 11+
NOT Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer
Note: If the links below fail to open when clicked, copy and paste the text directly into your browser's address line.
Internet Connection:☐ High speed internet

You must speak with the doctor on call before you can have a televisit (otherwise nobody will know you are waiting!)
1.15 minutes before your appointment, click here: https://doxy.me/ParkMedical
- On iPads, you must change Safari settings to allow popups first.
2.You will be taken to a page that says Welcome! Enter your name.
3.Click on "Enable Camera". If a pop-up asks for permission to use your microphone or camera, click yes. You will be taken to the "waiting room"
4.Click the "Pre-call Test" button at the bottom left. Follow the prompts to test your connection.
Trouble? Help is here: https://help.doxy.me/en/collections/1359402-troubleshooting
5.Wait for the visit to begin.

Note: For best results, place your device (webcam or cell phone) at eye level.
Also, try to avoid bright lighting behind you (e.g. windows or lights). Front lighting is best.