COVID-19 Resources

Choose your information sources carefully. There is a good deal of misinformation (both intentional and not) and rumor on the internet, particularly on social media. We recommend the following sources for reliable, accurate information about COVID-19:

Johns Hopkins: Coronavirus Resource Center, Frequently asked questions:
Johns Hopkins: Coronavirus Resource Center, Protecting your health:
Harvard: Coping with Coronavirus videos and podcasts
WHO: Myths about COVID-19
CDC - Quarantine, how and when to do it
CDC - Caring for someone sick at home
CDC - Complete care plan form
CDC - Disinfecting your home
CDC - Groups at risk for severe illness
CDC - Keep yourself from getting sick
CDC - What to do if you are sick
Steps to prevent spread COVID19
Self-referral for COVID monoclonal antibody infusion, only for use if you have a confirmed positive test result and meet certain conditions. Please talk to your doctor first!