Our Team

Our Management Team coordinates the various departments at Park Medical to provide each patient with a satisfying visit in an efficient, well-run office. We try to personalize our service and help solve individual problems.

Ronald Roloson, Administrative Director 410-583-7101
Kara Smith, Practice & Lab Manager 410-583-7133

Our Medical Assistants, Medical Technologists, and Accessioners aall contribute to provide the patient a convenient and comfortable laboratory visit. They draw blood, run EKGs, give vaccines, and provide accurate laboratory information to the physicians for decision making. **Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our lab hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Billing Coordinators process claims efficiently and cheerfully answer patient billing questions. The Billing Coordinators can be reached at 410-583-7102.

The role of the Patient Service Coordinator (PSC) is to greet the patient and do everything she can to facilitate the patient-physician encounter: schedule appointments, respond to telephone calls, facilitate prescriptions, schedule special studies, answer questions, and help in any way possible.

Nancy Armacost410-583-7106Dr. Belitsos
Megan Tyler410-583-7116Dr. Byrd
Janet Walman410-583-7110Dr. Hadley
Megan Tyler410-583-7137Dr. Magaziner
Nancy Armacost410-583-7112Dr. Molavi
Janet Walman410-583-7110Dr. Molinaro
Sheria Newmuis410-583-7120Dr. Newman
Sydney Johnson410-583-7114Dr. Pressman
Sheria Newmuis410-583-7177Dr. Savadel
Monica Rivera410-583-7122Dr. Seifter
Sheria Newmuis410-583-7156Dr. Shishodia
Sydney Johnson410-583-7148Dr. Simonson
Ciara Harrison410-583-7124Dr. Steiner
Ciara Harrison410-583-7160Dr. Wilkenfeld
Monica Rivera410-583-2875Dr. Gordon

**As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to restructure our lab and to furlough many of our staff in an effort to keep our practice financially viable. This was a difficult and painful decision and a terribly sad day for our practice. We owe gratitude to these individuals for their years of hard work and dedication, and hope to see them return when the situation improves: Ebby Bennett, Mary Potrzuski, LaTanya Hall, Suzanne Sachs, Maria Ramos, Linda Celmer, Shradha Risal, and Natalie Stitchel

Our caring and capable Oncology Nurses administer chemotherapy in a warm and nurturing environment.

The Medical Records Coordinators ensure a smooth flow of patient data through the office while maintaining patient privacy. The electronic patient record contains office visit notes, laboratory reports, immunization records, outside consultative notes, x-ray films, telephone calls, prescription refills and more.