Our Team

Our Practice Administrator, Su Song, coordinates the various departments at Park Medical to provide each patient with a satisfying visit in an efficient, well-run office. We try to personalize our service and help solve individual problems. 410-583-7138

Our Medical Assistant performs EKGs, administer vaccines, and assist our physicians with day-to-day patient care needs.

The Billing Coordinators process claims efficiently and cheerfully answer patient billing questions. They can be reached at 410-583-7102.

The role of the Patient Service Coordinators (PSC) is to greet patients and to facilitate the patient-physician encounter. They are your main point of contact with your physician:

Dr. BelitsosJazmin Lanier410-583-7106
Dr. GargLa'Tia Williams410-583-7144
Dr. MolaviJazmin Lanier410-583-7112
Dr. MolinaroDeidra Mackall410-583-7110
Dr. SavadelDeidra Mackall410-583-7177
Dr. SimonsonApril Wieczorkowski410-583-7148
Dr. SteinerCezzy Donaldson410-583-7124

The Medical Records Coordinator ensures a smooth flow of patient data through the office while maintaining patient privacy. The electronic patient record contains office visit notes, laboratory reports, immunization records, outside consultative notes, x-ray films, telephone calls, prescription refills and more.