May 2022

Concierge medicine

As many of you are now aware, our partners Amy Byrd, Tammy Hadley, Diane Pressman, and Himani Shishodia chose at the start of 2022 to make a significant change to their medical practices by converting their practices to concierge medicine, joining Jeffrey Magaziner who made the same conversion several years ago. Together they are partnering with MDVIP, a private nationwide company of concierge physicians that manages the arrangement.

These concierge physicians have decided to leave Park Medical Associates and move their practices to a new location, yet undetermined, but nearby and soon to be announced. Our oncology partner, Eric Seifter, plans to join them at the new location.

Since concierge physicians keep much smaller practice panels, many of their patients were unable to join them in their new practices and therefore needed new physicians. It has always been our tradition at Park Medical to accommodate the patients of our partners who leave or retire. Unfortunately, in this instance, the remaining physicians have full panels due to the recent retirement of another partner, and were unable to accommodate this large number of patients in such a short time. We have hired a new physician (below) who will join us in July, but his practice is quickly filling and we regret that many patients will need to find new physicians elsewhere.

All patients of the 6 physicians who are leaving will be notified, and we are working hard to make this change seamless as we ensure continued care to all affected patients.

Traditional medicine

The remaining partners will continue to practice as Park Medical Associates at Green Spring Station, which has been our home since 1994. We want to assure all patients who are staying with our group that we remain dedicated to your health and are committed to providing personal attention and the best medical care possible.

The remaining partners consist of Peter Belitsos, Carly Gordon, Rameen Molavi, Susan Molinaro, Patricia Savadel, Lisa Simonson, and Howard Steiner. Our most senior internist Mary Newman has announced her upcoming retirement on July 31. Finally, Alice Wilkenfeld will be departing in June to join her new husband in Bermuda. We are all excited and proud to welcome Gaurang Garg as the newest physician in our ranks. He will be starting in mid-July and is accepting patients now.

As you doubtless have noticed, we are also experiencing staffing shortages and challenges due to the pandemic. You will see changes in our office as we reorganize and remodel, and ask for your understanding and patience during this time of transition. We are excited about the upcoming transformation of Park Medical and look forward to moving into a new era for our practice.

Finally, we all thank you for allowing us into your lives and for your trust in our care. We wish all current and past patients the best through these difficult times.